Is a New Roof In Your Future?

Purchasing a house is the single largest investment that a lot of us will certainly make. The roofing system of our house plays a vital function in preserving our house as well as keeping its worth in the resale market. The life of the roofing depends on the roof materials used, the regional weather, treatment taken during the installation procedure and also the degree of maintenance applied to it. Asphalt and timber shingle roofing systems can last for 30 to 40 years, specifically. Clay ceramic tile rofs have a life-span of twenty years whereas steel roofs can last for greater than 40 years.

The sunlight has a destructive effect upon the roof covering product, no matter what kind of roofing it is. The rays trigger the material to broaden, contract, warp, crinkle, and lose strength and also shape. Elements such as water, high winds, snow, hail, and so on create additional damage to the already weakened roofing system causing leaks, damages, mildew and also fungus development.

If an inspection of a roofing reveal that there is a leakage trouble at a number of points which the roof shingles are worn, replacing the roofing system is a much better idea than making repair work. A new roof covering provides the benefits of providing durable security for your residence protecting against damage to the architectural systems inside the home from leaks along with a new roof can supply enhanced insulation as well as an adjustment in the look of your house.

Sorts of roof products

There are many different kinds of products that are made use of for the objective of roofing.

Wood Shingles

Timber tiles are typically made from western red cedar and also are preferred since they are easy to make, light weight and also have an extremely distinctive look.

Asphalt Roof shingles

Asphalt is one of the most typically used roof products around today. It has a life-span of 15-25 years. Asphalt roof shingles have a fiberglass body that is coated with asphalt as well as mineral granules for added protection. When the edges of the asphalt start to split and also warp, it indicates that age has overtaken the product, which is beginning to dry and also may no more be a good climate proofing material. Asphalt tiles are very easy to install and also can be made use of with a variety of blinking as well as bordering items without any special devices for roof sides, wall cuttings, and chimneys.

Floor tiles

Tiles can be either ceramic, clay, or concrete. Ceramic ceramic tiles are preferred in warmer climates. Tiles offer style to the roof yet are hard to mount due to their weight. The roofs require to be reinforced before tiles can be set out.

Corrugated Metal

Corrugated steel is very resilient and also will last upwards of 50 years with routine maintenance, they need to be painted and protected from wetness. Metal roofing systems are available in sheets in your home improvement shops in a vast array of colors and also can be crafted to give the appearance of traditional ceramic tiles. They are sturdy as well as durable.


Slate is one more sturdy roofing product that is practically non-absorbent. Slate has actually been utilized for centuries. It is a normally happening item that is immune to wind, sunlight, rainfall, and other forces of nature. Its gentle shades as well as unique appearances combined with its durability use an excellent mix of energy and beauty. Nonetheless, slate roofings are challenging to mount as well as the material is expensive.

Cost comparison between roof materials

Variables affecting the expense of the roof covering consist of the location to be covered; the product utilized, layers of shingles put; initiative associated with getting rid of the existing roof; and any type of job needed on the gutters and siding. The price of roofing products is generally priced estimate in regards to squares. One square amounts to an area of 10 feet x 10 feet.

Prices of usual roof covering products are given below. These costs are exclusive of the installation charges.

Fiberglass covered with asphalt:

It comes with a service warranty of 25-35 years and also prices in between $30 – $35 per square foot. The weight per square can range from 200 to 300 pounds.

Wood shingles:

These bring a guarantee of 20-30 years and also price in between $100 – $200 per square foot. The weight per square can differ from 300 to 350 extra pounds.

Clay/Concrete tiles:

The service warranty for floor tiles can range from 25 to 75 years. Ceramic tiles can cost between $150 – $500 per square foot. The weight per square can differ from 500 – 1200 extra pounds.

Steel and also Light weight aluminum:

These included a warranty of approximately half a century and can cost between $150 – $250 per square foot. The weight per square remains in the range of 50 – 100 extra pounds.

Natural Slate:

It carries a warranty of over 100 years and costs between $300 – $600 per square foot. It evaluates in between 600 – 2000 pounds per square.

For how long does a brand-new roof take to install?

Roofing is a seasonal organization, so if you intend to get it done by a professional roofer, it is feasible that your turn may come after a week or more of your agreeing to get the job done. Other important elements consist of the weather conditions, area of the roof as well as the roof covering product. An asphalt roofing can be finished in 2 – 3 days. A timber roof shingles roofing can be stocked 3 – 4 days. Metal roofing can be finished in 2 – 4 days.

Can a homeowner do the roof by himself?

Some types of roofs provide themselves much more easily as a do it yourself job than others. Roofing is a very physical task that requires a reasonable quantity of brawn and also some minds too. The work includes relocating a lot of material as well as nailing it in position, installing the blinking needs skill. If you desire to get it newbie right, it is suggested to take the help of someone that has done it before. A roofing task needs the efforts of more than someone. An essential consideration is the weather condition, if you obtain a spell of clear climate, try as well as end up the work, if the climate adjustments you need to be outfitted to protect the incomplete roofing against the components. Also, you require to be careful about your very own security while handling different devices, a slip from roof covering elevation is potentially fatal.

Roofing is a dirty, dangerous job. Not only are you at risk of falling off the roof, but also of being exposed to toxic materials that can cause cancer and other diseases.

The good news is that there’s now an alternative method for roofing that’s cleaner, safer and more cost-effective than traditional methods.

EW MacDowell Inc., a family owned business in Wellington, FL has been using this new technology since 2008. Their clients have reported less noise pollution during installation as well as better quality workmanship with fewer leaks after installation. They’ve even noticed their employees’ health improving thanks to reduced exposure to harmful chemicals!

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