Things To Remember When Hiring An Electrical Contractor

It’s not as simple as choosing someone from the Yellow Pages to find the right electrician. Hiring the wrong contractor can have devastating financial consequences and even be dangerous.

It is essential to verify that the contractor you are considering hiring is licensed and bonded. Next, determine whether they have experience in the work you require. You can start by asking some of these questions at the Board of Examiners of Electrical Contractors, and/or the Division of Consumer Affairs. This is basically the Authority with Jurisdiction.

It is rare to find good contractors. Asking for multiple bids on a small job will only make them feel less valued. This is how they see it. Their time is probably worth about $100/hr. Yet, they make the effort to visit your home and give you a free estimate for any work you might need.

o A good contractor will always look professional. This means that a good contractor will look professional. Pride in one’s work is often reflected in pride in one’s appearance. This may be disputed by some contractors, but we are referring to the generalities and not the specifics. A company logo or shirt would suffice.

o Good contractors will have business cards that include their company name, and/or their name, phone number, and license #.

A professional contractor will answer your calls promptly and give you a free estimate (for most jobs) within the same day or in a reasonable time. They will also take the time to explain their plans and the steps they will take.

o Good contractors will gladly provide copies of their references and insurance certificates when requested. If the job is not large enough, don’t ask for them. Let’s say a homeowner wants to make minor changes or add to their electrical system. It is possible that the electrical system needs to be updated if it is older.

o No matter what budget, a good contractor will only use contractor-grade materials. They will often price the items and give you the better grade ones automatically. This is what can cause them problems when competing with other contractors. Another contractor may use approved materials but have inferior quality, which could allow them to bid much lower than the good one. They may be aware that you will have problems with the items sooner than expected, but they don’t care if it exceeds their warranty period (if any).

o A contractor who is skilled will consider how the receptacles will be used. These items will be factored into the price (price) even though all of them may need to be wired together under current codes.

How could you possibly specify it? This is because you’re not an electrician and assumed that the contractor would be able to factor it in.

Well, you’re right. It was already done by a good contractor, but you left the job to the other.

If you are going to bid for the job, make sure it is properly specified by an engineer or architect. If you receive multiple bids, it is a good rule of thumb to pick the highest bid.

Many smaller contractors work from their homes or garage. They do not have workers’ compensation insurance. This could be a factor. It can be a big factor if they have a helper or send someone to your home to do the work.

You (the homeowner) are 100% liable for any injuries your workers may cause without this insurance policy. Contractors may only have enough general liability insurance to meet state regulations but not enough to cover the cost of your house in case it is destroyed.

Last but not least, be aware that you get what you pay for.

Don’t let the price be the only deciding factor in hiring an Electrical contractors Fort Worth. You’ll experience a flood if you have a plumber who isn’t licensed, and a fire if you have an electrician who isn’t licensed.

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